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Worlds Greatest Custom Show

Added on Apr 19, 2019

Duke Classics - Customs


Gleaming paintwork, sparkling chrome, intricate detail, engines you could eat off! ....the Grand National Roadster Show in Oakland, California has it all. We show you a feast of tasty trucks, stunning two-wheelers such as Bob Lowe's winning Harley, the unique 18ft long Fageol and the Oldsmobile Aurora V8 record-car. And of course the hot rod section where innovation springs from as far back as the 1920s and the Model-T Ford. We also pay tribute to Arlen Ness and meet the big names in the custom world - John D'Agostino, Trans-Am champion Tom Kendall, George Barris and ZZ Topp's Billy Gibbons.


ChannelDuke Classic Videos
ProgramDuke Classics - Customs
Episode titleWorlds Greatest Custom Show
Episode number2
Date addedApril 19, 2019
Original dateNovember 13, 2006
Run time50:47

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