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Hot Rods Kings of Custom


Duke Classics - Customs


This programme pays tribute to the ‘Kings of Custom’. Meet Boyd Coddington - the world’s highest profile custom car builder. Say Hi to Arlen Ness - the undisputed ‘king’ of two wheel customs, master painter Art Himsl (1995 Grand National Builder of the Year), bodywork specialist Steve Moal (1996 Builder of the Year) and motorcycle specialist Bob Lowe. We cruise through Pleasanton, enjoy Hot August Nights in Reno, check out shows at Oakland and Sacramento, meet the hot-rodding Danville Dukes, hear from Chrysler’s Design chief Tom Gale, and finally ride the world’s biggest and most powerful motorcycle - the awesome 350bhp Boss Hoss V8!

Channel:Duke Classic Videos
About this program:Duke Classics - Customs
Episode title:Hot Rods Kings of Custom
Episode number:3
Run time:50:22
Category:Racing coverage

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