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01:16Race action

Round 1: Japanese GP highlights

04:08Race finish

Japan: Race results

04:26Race action

Round 2: USA GP highlights

06:58Race finish

USA: Race results

07:20Race action

Round 3: Spanish GP highlights

10:49Race finish

Spain: Race results

11:15Race action

Round 4: Italian GP highlights

13:49Race finish

Italy: Race results

14:07Race action

Round 5: German GP highlights

18:20Race finish

Germany: Race results

18:28Race action

Round 6: Austrian GP highlights

21:10Race finish

Austria: Race results

21:28Race action

Round 7: Yugoslavian GP highlights

22:52Heavy crash

Reinhold Roth collides with a slow rider

23:06Race stopped

Yugoslavian GP: Red flagged

23:14Race finish

Yugoslavia: Race results

23:24Race action

Round 8: Dutch GP highlights

26:11Race finish

Dutch GP: Race results

26:24Race action

Round 9: Belgian GP highlights

29:18Race finish

Belgium: Race results

29:37Race action

Round10: French GP highlights

32:17Race finish

France: Race results


Carlos Cardus after the race

32:43Race action

Round 11: British GP highlights

34:38Race finish

Britain: Race results

34:48Race action

Round 12: Swedish GP highlights

38:47Race finish

Sweden: Race results

38:58Race action

Round 13: Czech GP highlights

40:43Race finish

Czech GP: Race results

40:53Race action

Round 14: Hungarian GP highlights

44:00Race finish

Hungary: Race results

44:13Race action

Riund 15: Australian GP highlights


John Kocinski celebrates winning the championship

48:58Race finish

World Championship standings

250cc Season Review 1990

Added on Jan 22, 2019

Duke Classics - Bike GP


We take a look at all the battles, crashes, triumphs and disasters from the 1990 250cc bike grand prix championship.


Episode title250cc Season Review 1990
Episode number28
Date addedJanuary 22, 2019
Original dateDecember 12, 1990
Run time50:23
CategoryRacing coverage
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