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D1NZ Live Racing

D1NZ Live Racing

motorsport-tv-icon-seasons-icon3 seasons
motorsport-tv-icon-episode-icon13 episodes


Back in early 2003 drifting in New Zealand was just emerging from the underground into the world of motorsport. Several Drifting teams from all over New Zealand came together to organise and regulate events nationwide, developing competition formats on race circuits and bringing Drifting off the back-streets.With that, the Drift Club of New Zealand was born! With its mission: To promote and educate New Zealand Drift Motorsport in a safe environment.With D1NZ now in its 17th season the series has been propelled to the forefront of professional motorsport in the country, with more than half a million spectators coming through the gates, including hundreds of exhibitors, a long-standing nationwide television series, unprecedented awards and the largest drifting events ever witnessed by the New Zealand public. D1NZ has taken the lead in this unique automotive culture, with drifting recognised as the fastest growing motor sports category in the world. The Series has produced world-class competition with many of New Zealand's top drivers representing the country overseas with podium finishes in Australia, Japan, The USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Europe.


Program nameD1NZ Live Racing
Parent ChannelSuper Sprint Motorsport New Zealand Championship
Number of seasons3
Number of episodes13
CategoryRacing coverage

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