What Happened To F1's Blown Diffusers?

Added on Aug 13, 2020

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From 2009 all the way up until 2014 the F1 grid was home to a diffuser arms race, in the hopes of increasing rear end downforce. Once the infamous double diffuser was banned, we saw the rise of the blown diffuser, and eventually the even smarter reign of the Coanda effect exhausts, with Red Bull leading the charge with incredibly innovative designs, even to this day. While these diffusers affected F1 development forevermore, we no longer see them on todays cars... so what happened to them? Jake Boxall-Legge takes a look down memory lane to find out why they were so impressive, and why we haven't seen these diffusers on F1 cars since 2014.


Episode titleWhat Happened To F1's Blown Diffusers?
Episode number359
Date addedAugust 13, 2020
Run time9:13
CategoryRacing coverage
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