The Best Looking F1 Cars Of All Time

Added on May 28, 2020

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It's a debate as old as Formula 1 itself - which F1 car is the best looking? Throughout the last 70 years we've seen some real beauties, as well as some cars we'd rather we hadn't... but this time we're focussing on the top 10 cars we'll never get tired of looking at, ranging from more recent modern icons all the way back to the classics in the 50s. Thanks to Duke Archives for footage from their documentary "If You're Not Winning... You're Not Trying", following the Lotus team behind the scenes in 1973 as they win the Constructors Championship. To see more of this, check out the full documentary here:


Episode titleThe Best Looking F1 Cars Of All Time
Episode number42
Date addedMay 28, 2020
Run time13:04
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