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Truckin Crazy

Added on May 24, 2019

Duke Classics - Truck Racing


Everybody, thrills in some way at the awesome sight of big trucks. Especially when those trucks are doing crazy things like rearing up on their rear wheels with noses twelve feet in the air, or racing, door-handle-to-handle on Grand Prix racetracks! We’ve captured some of the wildest and craziest ever captured on film! How about these for starters? The Pirelli Jet Truck .... it’s hit over 160 mph! Heatwave: A 200 mph jet-powered dragster with Kenworth truck replica funny car body! The Wheelie Truck: We have it crashing, as well as in spectacular action!


ChannelDuke Classic Videos
ProgramDuke Classics - Truck Racing
Episode titleTruckin Crazy
Episode number1
Date addedMay 24, 2019
Original dateApril 9, 2014
Run time1:05:31

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