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Tour de Corse 1986


Duke Classics - World Rally


The ever-present dangers surrounding the high-speed world of world championship rallying were tragically illustrated during this event when - for the second year in succession - a top-ranked Lancia works driver lost his life in Corsica. This time it was championship star Henri Toivonen, who crashed to his death down a ravine after losing control on a fast early special time stage. Co-driver Sergio Gresto also perished in the flames which engulfed the Italian car. Their untimely deaths shattered the entire world of rallying. The Tour de Corse did however continue, in spite of the withdrawal of the other Lancias as a mark of respect, and this video covers the remainder of the event with footage of the very best of the action.

In addition, there is a Tribute to Toivonen in which his brilliant career is reviewed on film, particularly his status as one of the best of the Flying Finns in the Rothmans Opels.

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