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MG Magic

Added on Jun 7, 2019

Duke Classics - Car Manufacturers


It takes a very special ‘something’ to create an aura of magic around a man-made invention - but one name that has made such an impression on the motoring world is MG, which has survived through mixed fortunes for more than 70 years - from early Midgets to today’s exciting MGF. Enjoy close-ups of the most significant models, from MGB to MGF. Join MG owners and their beloved cars at Silverstone, for the world’s biggest gathering of MG enthusiasts. Visit the MG Car Club at the famous Brooklands circuit, hear from Jean Cook, daughter of Cecil Kimber-Cook, the man who invented the MG and enjoy the best action from a Classic Car Action Day.


SeasonBritish Manufacturers
Episode titleMG Magic
Episode number17
Date addedJune 7, 2019
Original dateSeptember 18, 2012
Run time56:17

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