Would a 600LT Spider Complete My McLaren Line-up? | TEST DRIVE

Added on Mar 17, 2019

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This is the new McLaren 600LT Spider, and everything you want to know about it! From a full in-depth walkaround to driving on the road as well as out on the track. It's an incredible performance package that's spectacularly entertaining to drive - take a watch to see all about it.

Kicking off at the Arizona Motorsports Park, let's take a walk around McLaren's new limited series convertible, retaining the 600hp/620Nm twin turbo 3.8l V8 found in the Coupe. First is an exploration of the car, seeing the ins and outs from this fantastic location with fighter jets flying around in the background. Then it's a short drive around the local roads to get a first feeling for what it's like to drive in normal environments before returning to the track to push it through its paces and start to experiment more.

After previous short test drives in the 600LT Coupe, I expected to like the 600LT Spider, but with more time and opportunity to really get to grips with it on the circuit... wow, what can I say!


Episode titleWould a 600LT Spider Complete My McLaren Line-up? | TEST DRIVE
Episode number4
Date addedMarch 17, 2019
Run time28:57
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