This Sound System for My Ferrari?

Added on Jun 10, 2017

The Shmeemobiles


A new super sound system for the Ferrari FF, what do you think? I stopped by Brian's Custom Audio on my way to Amsterdam for the start of Streetgasm, to take a listen to some serious sound! Let me know about the upgrades you think I should do to my cars and what you do to yours on Qutee:

The first part of the customer experience with Brian is to enjoy a delicious lunch from his in-house chef, before seeing where the parts are made and the story starts for the ultimate in sound. I'm no genius when it comes to audio but I can tell you I've been blown away by the clarity of the Porsche 911 Turbo S we test. The most amazing thing is how it can be listened to at volume without feeling overwhelmed or shaking the car apart - it was actually fairly distressing driving back in the FF afterwards and hearing how 'bad' the system is comparatively.


Episode titleThis Sound System for My Ferrari?
Episode number18
Date addedJune 10, 2017
Run time13:48
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