This Novitec N-Largo is a Crazy Ferrari 488 Spider! | FIRST LOOK

Added on Feb 21, 2018

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Let's take a first look at the new Novitec 488 N-Largo! The car is one of just 11 versions to be made based on the Ferrari 488 Spider, receiving the full widebody N-Largo package along with a serious noise from the new exhaust. No visit to Novitec is boring and while there we can also explore the venue including a look at the brand new Dawn Overdose, F12 N Largo S in the showroom and some of the works in progress!The 488 N-Largo has a complete overhaul including new carbon fibre parts making up the wider body. It's sitting on new wheels and lowering springs as well as a totally new exhaust system that transforms the sound of the 3.9l Twin Turbo V8 found in the regular Ferrari 488 GTB and Spider.Similarly the Dawn Overdose offers a very unusual package, limited to just 8 units. The Rolls-Royce has a dramatic widebody package, and unusually for the car there is an exhaust system that allows some sound to come from the V12.


Episode titleThis Novitec N-Largo is a Crazy Ferrari 488 Spider! | FIRST LOOK
Episode number17
Date addedFebruary 21, 2018
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