THIS is the New Porsche 911 Speedster! | My First Drive

Added on Jul 9, 2020

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With an incredible sound, manual gearbox, and open roof, it's a recipe for a fantastic drive but let's find out if it lives up to expectations. It's a formula that's been tried, tested, and proven to succeed; the purest driving form of the Porsche 911 returns in Speedster bodystyle. Powered by the familiar 4.0l naturally aspirated flat-6 at the back that's been re-engineered for the new standards, despite existing alongside the newer turbo generation 992 cars, and now making 510hp. Crucially, engagement comes thanks to the 6 speed manual gearbox with auto-blip as an option, and of course keeping the weight down while allowing the open-top experience is a roof that requires manual involvement to save weight and prevent the centre of gravity lifting more than it needs to. There are only 1,948 Speedsters in existence, having launched in 2018 during Porsche's 70th anniversary since being founded in 1948, and this example from Dulac Cars is one of only a handful featuring very high CCX Exclusive Manufaktur content. In particular the body is PTS Miessen Blue, the colour of the first 1954 356 Speedster, the roof is navy blue matching with the Mer Blue wheels, and the interior features navy blue leather with houndstooth seat inserts to go with them. To get things started, we're at the collection that features an amazing array of cars including the 991.2 GT3 manual which joins for the convoy drive, a 991.2 GT2 RS, both a Ferrari 812 Superfast and 812 GTS, Pista Spider and a McLaren 600LT. After getting the Speeedster out on the road it's an opportunity for me to experience it both roof down and later roof up as well, to experience what it's like. There's no doubt it's a precise and brilliant machine, although with a significantly higher price tag than the GT3. Combine the impacts to the engine's exhaust note thanks to the regulation-required OPF and some of the drama is taken away from an otherwise absolutely fantastic car.


Episode titleTHIS is the New Porsche 911 Speedster! | My First Drive
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Date addedJuly 9, 2020
Original dateJune 16, 2020
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