THIS is the NEW Ford GT!

Added on Aug 7, 2017

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his is the new Ford GT and everything you want to know about it! With one on order myself this is my first opportunity to experience what it is like; from an in-depth walkaround of the 2017 Ford GT to going for my first ever drive in it. Let's thoroughly explore the new supercar and all of its features, inside and out.

When the invitation arrived to drive and experience the new Ford GT, I didn't say no! Better still, to drive the car we're up in the Cairngorms in Scotland, surrounded by beautiful scenery and amazing roads on which to experience it.

Powered by Ford's 3.5 EcoBoost twin turbocharged V6 with 647bhp and 746Nm, it will reach a top speed of 216mph (348km/h), and do so in spectacular fashion. Initially developed as a race car to take to Le Mans in 2016, it did so and took victory on the 50th anniversary of the legendary GT40 victory in 1966. As part of that process, a homologated road car was developed and that is this very car that will be produced in limited numbers, one of which I will be the proud owner of in future.

With a design that's instantly reminiscent of the 2004 Ford GT, but with new use of carbon fibre, active aerodynamics and other new technologies, you result with optimum performance and a serious supercar. This is the closest thing that has been built to a racecar for the road to date.

Observant viewers may notice inconsistencies with the audio due to sections that required rework following issues with the original audio file, my apologies and thank you for your understanding with this.


Episode titleTHIS is the NEW Ford GT!
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