THIS is the NEW Ferrari 812 Superfast

Added on Jun 20, 2017

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This is the new Ferrari 812 Superfast, and everything you want to know about it! From a full in-depth walkaround to hot laps at Fiorano and driving on the countryside roads. It's the best super-GT money can buy, take a watch to see all about it.Kicking off at the legendary Fiorano test track in Maranello, Italy, let's take a look around Ferrari's new 800hp/718Nm beast, retaining the naturally aspirate V12, now up to 6.5 litres. First is an exploration of the car, seeing the ins and outs, and how the aerodynamics play on it. Then it's a short drive around the roads of Maranello to see what it's like in that environment before returning to the track to be shown how it's down by Ferrari test driver, Raffaele De Simone. A hot lap including full pace, sideways moments, and so much excitement you couldn't imagine before I'm put in the driver's seat to have a go myself. Then it's out on the roads to explore the local countryside and imagine what the 812 Superfast would be like to use in its natural habitat.There is no question this car is truly spectacular, in fact it creates a beautiful blend of the excitement of the F12tdf, with the compliancy of the F12berlinetta - enjoy the video!


Episode titleTHIS is the NEW Ferrari 812 Superfast
Episode number12
Date addedJune 20, 2017
Run time42:56
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