This is the FULL SPEC For My Zenvo TSR-S! ROAD TO ZENVO Part 3

Added on Jan 21, 2022

The Shmeemobiles


I'm in Denmark to lock in the spec of my Zenvo TSR-S! The brutal hypercar is joining my garage and there's an extensive specification process like no other to experience at the factory. The Road to Zenvo is truly underway as I can share all my chosen options! Having announced the new addition to the collection a few months ago, and the first indisputable hypercar to join the garage, it's now time to firm up the specification. I'd considered three different routes; either a red theme to link to the Danish flag, an orange idea as a 'missing colour' from the Shmeemobiles, or following my favourite choice of purple... the latter it is. However, this is no ordinary process of ticking a few boxes and the spec is done; a car like the Zenvo TSR-S is an entirely bespoke machine and the decisions around each element is all part of the purchase experience. Beyond the main body colour are the exposed areas of carbon fibre, and if they will be tinted and/or have inlays or watermarks, then there's the style of pinstripes and which body parts will have them, how wide to be, do the grow along certain parts.

This is before all of the options for the interior, the carbon wheels, and so much more - but what a fun thing to do, especially at the factory on the amazing Zenvo configurator. --- SPOILERS Onto my final spec; after testing numerous different samples the main body colour will be Lilla Perlemor which means Mother of Pearl Purple in Danish, it will be complemented by lots of exposed carbon fibre across the roof, engine cover and bonnet areas, all of which are tinted in a matching purple with inlays featuring the hexagonal pattern and Zenvo door lettering. I've opted for the 4x4 weave throughout including on the carbon fibre wheels, and the bodywork wears a Lime Gron (green) pinstripe accent through to emphasise the aggressive shapes. The interior is following the asymmetric theme, keeping the focus on the driver with a driving zone featuring green stitching and backing to the seat perforations behind the black Alcantara and leather. The passenger side and dashboard follow a purple them with the green swapped out to a colour mimicking the exterior paint. I've also added anodised air conditioning vent surrounds, and a purple dashboard pinstripe and door stripe to match the exterior as well.

There's no question it's a bold colour scheme, but it's exactly my tastes for something as crazy as this and I cannot wait to see it come to life! A special thank you to all of the team at Zenvo for their help to create this specification and handling all my requests for how to do it. Delivery is expected to be into summer, just in time to bring the car to events around the world this year!


Episode titleThis is the FULL SPEC For My Zenvo TSR-S! ROAD TO ZENVO Part 3
Episode number1
Date addedJanuary 21, 2022
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