THIS is the FIRST Modified 580hp BMW M2 CS in the World!

Added on Aug 10, 2020

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This BMW M2 CS has ALREADY been modified, making it the first in the world! The Satin Crew attended the RENNtech Track Experience at the Nurburgring Nordschleife with the car that now makes 580hp thanks to a full Akrapovic exhaust, Garrett charge cooler and ECU tune. After a quick look, it's out onto track behind the wheel for some fun!

Having only very recently driven the brand new BMW M2 CS for the first time in stock form at the Sachsenring, it's a perfect comparison to feel the additional power and sound here, and even more so out on the famous Green Hell for a few laps to push it harder. The car's 3.0l Twin Power Turbo engine typically pushes out 450hp and 600nm but with the work carried out by RENNtech Europe, this car now makes 580hp and 750nm; some pretty big gains for so early in its life as customer cars have only just started to be delivered in the last few days and weeks.

The Satin Crew took delivery of this M2 CS, joining an incredible line-up, and set to work almost instantly. With 3,000km on the clock, it already completed the running in, has been wrapped with a reflective livery as their 'Safety Car' and now features extra power thanks to the changes that have been made. The next step of course to attend the trackday at the Nurburgring, including an opportunity for me to get behind the wheel for 2 laps, including a flat out full speed blast down the straight at approximately 270km/h (168mph).


Episode titleTHIS is the FIRST Modified 580hp BMW M2 CS in the World!
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Date addedAugust 10, 2020
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