This is Not a Normal Porsche GT2 RS! | PROJECT BUILD

Added on Oct 10, 2019

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Take a Porsche GT2 RS and do everything to it that hardcore Porsche guys don't like, and this is what you get! The track slayer is now bright pink, slammed down to the ground, wears extra carbon fibre and thanks to a Boden Autohaus exhaust sounds the absolute part too. Let's check it out and go for a drive!The Porsche GT2 RS is the ultimate track weapon for purist Porsche fans, having been a record holder at the Nurburgring Nordschleife and setting insanely fast times at any track it attemps, particularly in Weissach Package specification. In the case of this car with Boden Autohaus it's now wrapped fully in pink, inside and out and actually incredibly impressively. It's sitting on lowering springs while also shod in Michelin Sport Cup 2 R super-sticky rubber, more so than a normal Cup 2. On the bodywork it's also given a dash of carbon fibre to replace the plastic parts like the front spoiler, vent surrounds, wheel arch louvres, side skirts and diffuser. Then at the rear, and perhaps most notably, it's "wingless" with the huge factory wing replaced with a small ducktail spoiler for a different look. Of course it also runs more power than stock, up over 800hp... as you do!There's no denying that this is a controversial project, which is exactly the purpose behind it. The owner wanted to do something different and to stand out, and this is quite a way to go about it. Of course a thanks to the owner for the opportunity for me to drive the car too!


Episode titleThis is Not a Normal Porsche GT2 RS! | PROJECT BUILD
Episode number2
Date addedOctober 10, 2019
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