This is My Tribute RALLY LIVERY Toyota GR Yaris!

Added on Dec 18, 2020

The Shmeemobiles


Check out the new look of my Toyota GR Yaris! It's wearing a tribute rally livery to the legendary Toyota WRC cars of the 1990s in the iconic green and red design. As a child I spent hours playing SEGA Rally, driving the Celica GT-four and couldn't resist buying a twin arcade machine for the Shmuseum and bringing the livery back. The two cars in the game are the Lancia Delta HF Integrale in Martini livery, and the Toyota GT-four Celica in Castrol livery; and having had a car wearing the former before, now it's time for the latter! The design was famous for it's green and red swoops around the body lines although a challenge to re-create considering the nature of the GR Yaris as a hot hatch rather than a long-bonnet sports car. After taking time to mark out the lines for the shapes, I then traced them onto masking film before Dub Customs scanned them in and plotted the vinyl ready for wrapping. After a very long day completing the look, it wraps up looking absolutely spot on the part! With regards to wearing numbers on a car; it is not illegal to do so in terms of the highway code, however it is against the guidelines of the MSA (who are responsible for UK racing licenses) to have competition-like race numbers on a car you drive on the public highway, hence my decision.


Episode titleThis is My Tribute RALLY LIVERY Toyota GR Yaris!
Episode number1
Date addedDecember 18, 2020
Original dateDecember 17, 2020
Run time13:49


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