THIS is a BMW M5! The 700hp AC Schnitzer ACS5 Sport

Added on Nov 30, 2018

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A test drive in the new ACS5 Sport from AC Schnitzer makes me miss 'my' old BMW M5! They have made the ultimate Autobahn machine even better, now with power raised to 700hp and some aero modifications. We can also have a first ever look at their modifications to the new M5 Competition, including the AC3 wheels in 21".After some fantastic months and many, many kilometers in the long term loan BMW M5 that I run during the summer I truly grew to love the car, and taking a drive in the ACS5 Sport reminds me exactly why - and even more so!For the exterior, the ACS5 Sport has new carbon add-ons at the front, along with an extended splitter, new side skirts with the 20" AC3 wheels. At the rear a new exhaust system with carbon tips can be found housed inside a carbon diffuser, with two carbon lips, one on the boot lid and one at the top of the rear window. It also has KW springs and a few cosmetic touches to the interior including the pedal set and logos.Under the skin, the 4.4l twin turbo V8 now makes 700PS and 850nm (stock is 600PS and750nm), which makes it right at home on a derestricted Autobahn - there's also a 4 year warranty on the engine modifications. This very car is actually also responsible for an at-the-time record for the fastest saloon car at the Nurburgring with a lap time of just 7:29.5s.


Episode titleTHIS is a BMW M5! The 700hp AC Schnitzer ACS5 Sport
Episode number3
Date addedNovember 30, 2018
Run time20:17
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