The ULTIMATE McLaren Hypercar Line-up! YELLOW Collection at McLaren Houston

Added on Nov 3, 2021

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Now that's a line-up of McLarens you don't see every day! With my friend @ye110w_ we're at McLaren Houston in Texas, USA to check out the full sweep of Ultimate Series hypercars including a pair of Sabres, two Speedtails, carbon P1, Senna and Senna GTR and an Elva.

Having flown into Houston, it's a quick check point before heading to Las Vegas for SEMA, which sadly means everything is happening too fast to pick up the GT500 this time, however that doesn't stop the fun as we start with @ye110w_'s fantastic Pagani Zonda F in the beautiful Texas sunshine.

The purpose for the visit to McLaren Houston however is to check out the extraordinary line-up of hypercars they've put together including 4 of the Yellow Collection. Starting with an Elva lurking under cover that's soon to be delivered to a customer, through the insane Senna GTR, to then the pair of full carbon cars with Volcano Yellow trim of the P1 and Speedtail. Next up comes McLaren Houston's own Speedtail in 1K blue carbon, before the pair of Sabres; of only 15 in the world in total to begin with.

Let's take a walk around and explore some of the amazing details of these cars, from the Senna helmet on the GTR, to the interior of the Speedtail.


Episode titleThe ULTIMATE McLaren Hypercar Line-up! YELLOW Collection at McLaren Houston
Episode number1
Date addedNovember 3, 2021
Original dateNovember 2, 2021
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