The Ruf CTR Yellowbird is the Rebirth of a LEGEND!

Added on Jun 18, 2019

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The Ruf CTR is reborn, and I'm lucky enough to take the new Yellowbird for a test drive! Join me at the home of Ruf in Germany to take a look at the new car that follows in the foot steps of its legendary ancestors, before going out for a drive to experience what it's all about.

The Ruf CTR was re-introduced at the 30th anniversary of the original famously nicknamed Yellowbird of 1987 with an intended build run of 30 units. That has since grown with the authorisation of all customers to build a total of 50 of the new cars. Despite appearances it is just that, a brand new car, built on a bespoke carbon fibre tub and with a 3.6l twin turbo flat-6 engine developed by Ruf with 710hp and 880nm. With lightweight materials used throughout, the amazing stat is the weight of just 1,200kg.

The Ruf CTR brings a mixture of old school feel and emotion to a brand new vehicle, and the only way to really feel what that's like is to head out on the road and take it for a test drive! My expectations were not let down, what an incredible experience and I feel honoured to have been able to try it for myself driving in the incredibly special prototype of the new CTR.


Episode titleThe Ruf CTR Yellowbird is the Rebirth of a LEGEND!
Episode number7
Date addedJune 18, 2019
Run time22:13
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