The Reventon is Responsible for the New Lamborghini Sian!

Added on Jul 2, 2020

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The new Lamborghini Sian will be the latest Lambo 'Few Off' special series hypercar, a line which began with the Reventon! Join me to take a look in detail at one of only 20 Coupes ever made and get to experience a drive in it while thinking more about what's happening next.

The Lamborghini Reventon was introduced in 2009, based on the Murcielago LP640 platform with an entirely bespoke body and design but sharing the chassis and 6.5l V12 that makes 650hp. A total of 20 Coupes were built before a run of 15 Roadsters, but this really marked the start of Lamborghini's "Few Off" programme.

That has now gone on to see the introductions of cars like the Veneno, Sesto Elemento, and Centenario as well as concepts including the Egoista, Asterion and Estoque. For Lamborghini these are often an insight into what is coming next, either in terms of engineering or design and the Reventon in particular pre-empted aspects that went on to be shown in the series production replacement; the Aventador.

Join me then in Beverly Hills, LA to catch up with Nick and take a look at the Reventon and Performante that joins us. It's almost immediately out on the roads to be quite surprised by how the Reventon drives in an incredibly rare and special opportunity.


Episode titleThe Reventon is Responsible for the New Lamborghini Sian!
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Date addedJuly 2, 2020
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