The Pagani Imola is a Brutal $5m Italian Monster! EXCLUSIVE RIDE

Added on Jul 2, 2020

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Exclusive access to the brand new Pagani Imola, the $5m brutal Italian monster of which only 5 will be made! With a car already delivered in California we can experience a first ride onboard and hear some of the explosions from the exhaust with my friend Mike

The Pagani Imola is the most powerful Pagani model ever with an 827bhp 6.0l twin turbo V12 that as you can hear makes quite a sound mixing the swooshes from the turbos with huge backfires from the exhaust system. Despite having only just been officially announced, thanks to the kind owner of this car that's already been delivered in California, USA, we can check out what it's like with my friend Mike

My apologies for the dim light, but with very low mileage on the car, we have to be very careful with it and as such could not take it far, however, I was not going to ignore an opportunity to share such a special thing with you! As such after a quick walkaround we can hop on board for a run up and down the road just to get a sensation for what it's like.


Episode titleThe Pagani Imola is a Brutal $5m Italian Monster! EXCLUSIVE RIDE
Episode number4
Date addedJuly 2, 2020
Original dateJanuary 23, 2020
Run time14:19
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