The Novitec 812 N-LARGO is the CRAZIEST Ferrari EVER!

Added on May 28, 2019

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The Novitec N-Largo 812 Superfast is here and it's every bit as crazy as you would imagine! You just have to take a listen to the sound from this V12 and you'll be wrapped up in the insanity of it. With a full widebody kit, and one of the loudest exhausts I've ever heard, join me for an exclusive first look and onboard ride in the 812 N-Largo!The N-Largo models that Novitec produce follow a very distinct style; wide and crazy in every possible way. In this case the 812 Superfast sits lower while being significantly wider at the rear and even at the front too. Not only that but the new bodywork carries the wildest of designs possible, with some cues inspired form the previous F12 N-Largo. Also fitted is a visible carbon wing, the N-Tronic box to raise the power, new Vossen NF10 NL wheels and an exhaust system that literally shakes through you..The 6.5l naturally aspirated V12 as standard makes 800PS and 718Nm, and in this case now makes 840PS and 751Nm! Those gains mean a 0-100km/h time of just 2.8 seconds and up to 345km/h - this is hypercar territory!Join me then for a special opportunity to take a first look at two examples of the latest model, limited to just 18 units, before we hear the sounds of the new exhaust system and take it out to experience on the road.


Episode titleThe Novitec 812 N-LARGO is the CRAZIEST Ferrari EVER!
Episode number8
Date addedMay 28, 2019
Run time17:02
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