The Most EXTREME Cars in the World!

Added on Mar 10, 2019

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Meet the wonderful world of extreme cars! Let's explore the wonderful creations by Mansory, the incredible power from Brabus, the huge price tag of the Bugatti La Voiture Noire and the performance of the Koenigsegg Jesko. The Geneva Motorshow acts as a launching ground for the latest and greatest so let's discover some of the most extreme cars in the world!

Kicking off at Brabus, we can check out the 800 version of the AMG G63, as well as the engine swap received by the 4x4 with that from the 63! Then it's over to Mansory where the Centuria Chiron sits at the front with a crazy design, the Philipp Plein Star Trooper G63 and Aventador Carbonado EVO also hold their own, as does the Rolls-Royce Cullinan Billionaire and Lamborghini Urus Venatus.

Next stop is Okcu to see the ultimate interior of a Mercedes V Class if you want to travel in luxury! Continuing the exploration, we have TopCar, RUF, Klassen, TechArt, Abt, Alpina, MAT, GFG Style, Eadon Green and more. A compulsory stop was also required at the most expensive car in the world, the Bugatti La Voiture Noire, as well as the fastest car in the world in the form of the Koenigsegg Jesko. A favourite to me is the raw carbon fibre finish of the Koenigsegg Regera presented alongside the Jesko. What stands out to you the most, what's your favourite of the extreme cars at Geneva?


Episode titleThe Most EXTREME Cars in the World!
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