The MANSORY STALLONE is a Ferrari 812 Superfast on STEROIDS!

Added on Dec 16, 2021

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This is one of the craziest cars at The Space Dubai, the Mansory Stallone based on the Ferrari 812 Superfast! It's a completely new level of extreme with the full conversion and carbon widebody package, along with plenty of V12 sound and excitement.

Mansory are well known for dialing things up to 11, and really going to new extremes with their full packages in a quest for creating unique cars. The Stallone was introduced with the 599 GTB and represents the full conversion for the front-mid engined V12 Ferraris, in this case the 812superfast. Power is lifted from 800hp to 830hp from the 6.5l naturally aspirated lump, but the biggest changes come on the visual side with the chopped forged carbon bodywork including bonnet, bumpeds and gigantic rear spoiler.

After checking out the car, let's have a cold start at The Space before getting it outside and going for a drive in the Mansory Stallone to see what it's all about!


Episode titleThe MANSORY STALLONE is a Ferrari 812 Superfast on STEROIDS!
Episode number1
Date addedDecember 16, 2021
Original dateDecember 15, 2021
Run time15:25


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