The Mansory BEASTY Has Me Thinking About a Tuned Lamborghini Urus!

Added on Aug 24, 2019

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The Mansory Beasty is one seriously wide and dramatic Lamborghini Urus! It's a one off project based on the Lambo SUV with a full bodykit and modifications including the exhaust. @russian007am invited me to take it for a drive into San Francisco to find out what it's all about!Based on the package of the Mansory Venatus, the Beasty features chopped carbon fibre with red flakes inside for all the exposed areas. The car itself had undergone the conversion just in time for Car Week by GMP Cars just outside of San Francisco and we can now explore the full impact of it.On the outside it features a new carbon fibre bonnet, wide arches all around, new Forgiato wheels, roof spoiler, rear lip, additional aero pieces throughout and of course a new exhaust system from Mansory. When driving the main difference from the latter come about when in Corsa mode, selected through the Lamborghini Anima toggle on the Tamburo.Kicking off from GMP Cars, the plan is to take the car into the centre of San Francisco via the Golden Gate Bridge and Lombard Street, to give a feel for what it's like to drive and use. Join me then to discover and experience what it's about!


Episode titleThe Mansory BEASTY Has Me Thinking About a Tuned Lamborghini Urus!
Episode number5
Date addedAugust 24, 2019
Run time18:46
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