The Ferrari 430 Scuderia Spider 16M is a Future Investment Supercar!

Added on Feb 4, 2021

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Buying a limited edition Ferrari has always been a safe bet for investment potential, but what is the Scuderia Spider 16M actually like to drive? Join me for my first time behind the wheel of the rarest variant of the F430 at Barry Skolnick's Ikonick Collection in Miami!

Ferrari launched the Scuderia Spider 16M in 2008 to celebrate winning their 16th F1 Constructors World Championship, which was in fact the last they have won to date as well. Following on from the F430, F430 Spider, and 430 Scuderia, the 16M added the convertible roof to the more hardcore and focused Scuderia that had raised the power from the 4.5l V8, took out some weight, improved the dynamic drive and generally sharpened things up.

With a 6spd automated manual gearbox, at the time had the sharpest shifts available and surprisingly even by modern standards a much better response than many of the cars offering similar gearbox types that have come out since. In typical Ferrari fashion it's instantly exciting and rewarding to drive, with a unique but glorious V8 soundtrack.

Only 499 units of the Ferrari 16M were made, making it part of an exclusive list of limited edition Ferrari models and ergo carrying a lot of collector value and as a result, the investment element. There's always a lot of discussion around cars and whether they will lose money, especially after the boom of the last decade and a very skewed market with the increased number of people collecting such cars. However, brands like Ferrari and Porsche have built their reputations, motorsports successes, customer bases and overall demand over many decades and as a result the investment potential lies in cars like this; genuinely rare performance models.


Episode titleThe Ferrari 430 Scuderia Spider 16M is a Future Investment Supercar!
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Date addedFebruary 4, 2021
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