The Aventador SVJ Would Be the Lamborghini for My Garage!

Added on Sep 23, 2019

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There is no question that the Aventador SVJ is one of the very best supercars that Lamborghini have ever built, an absolutely savage brute of a thing! However, why has there never been a Lambo in my garage and is the SVJ the one to change that?! Join me with @rana65556 for a wild drive to see what it's all about.

With the UK giving us the atrocious whether we should normally expect, Rana still braves the rain to bring his one-of-900 Aventador SVJ out to play. As a huge Lamborghini fan it sits alongside the SV Roadster in his garage, but of course the SVJ is the latest and greatest on the Aventador platform. However, having never owned a Lamborghini to date in my life, what's going on and should this be the car to change that? I've recently driven all of the Reventon, Centenario and Veneno; the 3 'Few Off' hypercars Lamborghini have ever made and they've been incredible experiences so let's see how the SVJ frames up against them.

Rana is a man of mystery but after heading on out in the passenger seat it's soon time to swap around to get behind the wheel and have my right foot in charge of the 6.5l V12. There is no denying that for sheer drama and a special experience behind the wheel, this is right up. It's big, the gearbox is lumpy and the visibility is shocking, but everything about it is so exciting in a way only Lamborghini really manage to pull off.


Episode titleThe Aventador SVJ Would Be the Lamborghini for My Garage!
Episode number14
Date addedSeptember 23, 2019
Run time18:35
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