The Amazing Secret Cars and Garages of LOS ANGELES!

Added on Feb 29, 2020

Car Collections


Los Angeles is home to some of the greatest cars in the world, many of which live in secret garages you never have seen! Let's explore three incredible collections tucked away in the city featuring amazing cars worth countless millions. With three venues to explore, first up we head to the world famous Petersen Museum to explore the 250-car vault beneath. While 90-minute guided tours are available to learn about the cars, normally it is impossible to bring in a camera and share what lies within. With huge thanks to the team at the museum, we can pick out some examples from within including cars owned by Elvis Presley, a line of US Presidential vehicles, plus some more modern hypercars.


Episode titleThe Amazing Secret Cars and Garages of LOS ANGELES!
Episode number3
Date addedFebruary 29, 2020
Run time13:43
CategoryFeature magazine


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