The Abt RS6+ Nogaro Edition is the Best Audi RS6 EVER!

Added on Dec 1, 2018

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The Abt RS6+ Nogaro Edition is quite possibly the greatest Audi RS6 that has been made! The RS6 production run culminates with the 150 units of the Nogaro Edition, based on the RS6 Performance. Then just this one of those has been upgraded to the Abt RS6+ package, again limited to just 50 units, making it truly the 'best of' Audi RS6.The Nogaro Edition was created by Audi DE with Abt as an RS6 Performance that would take power from 605PS up to 705PS, and only 150 are made in the Nogaro Blue colour to pay tribute to the original Audi RS2. This car then receives the full Abt RS6+ package, again something that has only been installed to 50 RS6 Performance models in total, and this is the only Nogaro Edition to be included in that. The package includes an extra power bump to 735PS, new exhaust system, carbon add-ons around the car including lip, aero canards, skirts, diffuser, spoiler, it is also fitted with new wheels and lowering springs.Let's take a walkaround of the car at Abt's HQ in Kempten, Germany, before taking it out for a drive on both the countryside roads and then flat out on the Autobahn to reminisce on this fantastic generation of the Audi super-estate.


Episode titleThe Abt RS6+ Nogaro Edition is the Best Audi RS6 EVER!
Episode number2
Date addedDecember 1, 2018
Run time21:30
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