The Abt RS4+ is What the Audi RS4 Should Have Been!

Added on May 17, 2019

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This is the new Abt RS4+, limited to just 50 units that build on the great base of the Audi RS4 but add in some of its missing flair. With aerodynamic carbon additions, a new exhaust system, and the power significantly raised, join me for an introduction and then a drive including a 270km/h Autobahn blast to get a feel for what it's all about! For the RS4+, Abt have added to the styling and aero with new exterior carbon fibre pieces including the grille, splitter, flicks, side vents, diffuser, spoiler and more. On the inside there are also special touches and more carbon fibre, while underneath is a new exhaust system for added sound from the V6. Speaking of which, power is raised from 450PS to 530PS, and torque goes to 690nm from 600nm thanks to the Power S optional upgrade. New 21" wheels are also worn, along with lowering springs for a more dynamic ride as well as the improved appearance.After a walkaround to show you all of the changes, it's time to jump onboard and take the car for a drive to get a first experience at the wheel!


Episode titleThe Abt RS4+ is What the Audi RS4 Should Have Been!
Episode number16
Date addedMay 17, 2019
Run time21:09
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