The $3.5 MILLION Bentley Grand Convertible | FIRST LOOK

Added on Nov 18, 2017

First look


Luck had it that I stumbled upon the world debut of the new Bentley Grand Convertible by Mulliner during my supercar shopping tour of Dubai, so I returned to Bentley Emirates to take a full detailed look and walkaround of this truly exclusive and luxurious masterpiece. With a price tag of $3.5 million for one of the 19 cars, would you? With only 19 being created in total for Bentley's centenary in 2019, to represent the year of their birth in 1919, the Grand Convertible will cost approximately £2.5m / €3m / $3.5m. As opposed to being launched as a product line, the convertible is created by Mulliner in a more traditional sense as an exclusive product. Powered by the 6.75 litre twin-turbocharged V8 found in the Mulsanne speed, it has 537PS and 1,100Nm so expect a sense of effortless power while riding in extreme luxury. It's 10mm shorter than a regular model but with the display at Bentley Emirates also including an Extended Wheelbase and the 1 of 50 Hallmark edition to explore gives a great look at the options.


Episode titleThe $3.5 MILLION Bentley Grand Convertible | FIRST LOOK
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Date addedNovember 18, 2017
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