Tavarish COMPLETED His Huge WRECKED McLaren 675LT Project!

Added on Nov 7, 2021

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@Tavarish has brought his wrecked McLaren 675LT back to life! The huge project has brought this heavily crashed supercar back to new glory with some amazing unique details, and is presented to all at SEMA so let's take a full walk around it together!

I first saw Freddy's smashed 675LT almost 2 years ago when it had just arrived at the Wrench Every Day HQ and it was in need of an extraordinary amount of work with accident damage to the front, rear, side and everything else. We caught up again earlier this year where work was under way but still an awful lot more was needed to fully get it up and running, which is now complete.

However, not stopping there, the 675LT now features plenty of special and unique details to really make it stand out. From the Tempest Blue paintwork to gold pinstripes, a bespoke tan interior with custom gauges and toggles, to even making a carbon fibre roof snorkel to add to the look. It has to be said, fair play to the guys for making this happen and getting it to SEMA!


Episode titleTavarish COMPLETED His Huge WRECKED McLaren 675LT Project!
Episode number1
Date addedNovember 7, 2021
Run time18:37


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