Should I Sell My Porsche Taycan Turbo S?!

Added on Dec 29, 2021

The Shmeemobiles


Could it be time to sell my Porsche Taycan Turbo S? With some new cars arriving in the next few months, it wouldn't be a bad idea to make some space. However there are lots of reasons for and against, let's have a think! I bought the electric Porsche a little over a year ago, very much as an experiment and it has been fascinating to discover; from the issues plaguing the UK charging infrastructure network to living with an EV. The car itself is fantastic, effortless to drive, a comfortable ride, loaded with technology and really very suitable as a daily.

However, like all car guys, there's an itch to change things up but a relative lack of what I'd like, which would be a 2 seat EV sportscar. With values for Taycans currently holding extremely high, I have a temptation to put mine for sale as it would mean I've lost very little over the time and mileage I've done with it, and take that as an opportunity to try something else out as my main daily car for the next period. This is not a decision made, but with a few new cars inbound it would not be a bad idea to let something go and prepare for what's next. Let's see which way I lean, for now I'm undecided. Thanks for watching.


Episode titleShould I Sell My Porsche Taycan Turbo S?!
Episode number1
Date addedDecember 29, 2021
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