Should I Have Bought a Mercedes SLS Electric Drive?

Added on Sep 17, 2020

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Normal SLS AMG, right? Wrong! This is the extremely rare and valuable SLS AMG Electric Drive, the first series production electric car ever from Mercedes-Benz. There are less than 10 in private hands, it's the most powerful car Mercedes has made with 750hp, and thanks to Mechatronik.

Back when the SLS AMG E-cell was launched, followed by the SLS AMG Electric Drive production model, I remember being fascinated when taking a look at it during the motorshow rounds. The idea of electric cars was still in its infancy and Mercedes punched high with their first ever offering based on the SLS AMG at the time. Fast forward and I'm now lucky enough to own the SLS Black Series, the most hardcore of the combustion engine variants, and despite visually being so similar to the SLS Electric Drive, it couldn't be more different.

After a recent visit to Mechantronik, we caught a glimpse of the SLS AMG Electric Drive and I was absolutely intrigued to find out more about what it's actually like. The car boasts 4 electric motors offering a total output of 750hp and 1,000Nm with a 0-100km/h (62mph) time of just 3.8 seconds, and on to a top speed of 250km/h (155mph).

With the two cars parked so by side, the casual observer would never realise that the silver car was by far the rarer and more special variant of the SLS. Of course it was not designed from the outset to be an electric body style so the batteries and motors have been shoe-horned in, with visual cues like the different grille giving away what lies beneath. Inside it's the same story, the familiar set up with the addition of gauges to show battery reserve and charge.

Technically, the car actually has a pushrod suspension setup that's visible under the bonnet and with a motor per wheel it also has a torque vectoring system while also offering 4WD. Being an early electric car though, it does suffer from range issues with a claimed maximum of 250km (160 miles) which of course is under very gentle use.


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