Should I Buy a Mercedes-AMG GT S?

Added on Jan 29, 2017

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Should I add a Mercedes-AMG GT S to my collection? It might read like click-bait, but allow me to explain, and tomorrow's video will go into this in more detail. To ponder the question I popped out to visit Romans International and take an Iridium Silver AMG GT for a short drive.

When I placed the order for the AMG GT R last year it was with the thinking of a delivery circa March/April 2017 with a possibility to use it for this year's car event calendar. In reality I over-expected my delivery date and I would expect the car now further towards the end of summer 2017.

As trips and event dates start to load up into my schedule it's starting to look really rather busy... and that's an understatement! Out of my current cars, the 675LTS and GT8 are two very special cars that I do not want to overuse on motorway adventures where the driving is quite honestly very boring. The Ferrari FF is clocking up miles far too quickly and it looks like I'm going to do around 10k in just a 3 month period from April-June in it - which in all honesty is just too much when you consider it will need various servicing stops along the way, and the value would collapse with that mileage on it. The Focus RS can be used, but I consider it more my daily/backup when other things go wrong, and it's not a 'supercar' so isn't 100% welcome at every event. In short, to create all of this content through the Spring of 2017, there is easily room for another sensible vehicle acquisition that will be financially protected by saving mileage on significantly more sensitive cars to high numbers.

It may, or may not happen, and it may, or may not be an AMG GT, but you have to start the thought process somewhere! And you know what, sometimes we work to do things because we want them, not because we need them, and this is just one of those instances.


Episode titleShould I Buy a Mercedes-AMG GT S?
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