Should I Buy a FERRARI ROMA? 305km/h Autobahn Test Drive

Added on Sep 28, 2021

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Let's talk about the Ferrari Roma; is this a car I should have in the garage? After first driving Ferrari's daily sports-GT last year, this time out involves the derestricted German Autobahn and an opportunity to experience the power. What do you think?

I was lucky to attend the first launch of the Ferrari Roma in Rome, and certainly considered it as an addition to the Shmeemobiles, doing so again during the first drives in Italy last summer. With a 620hp 3.9l TT V8, all of the latest technology for the dashboard, steering wheel and infotainment, and perfect GT qualities, there's no denying that it's a fantastic car. Particularly, considering it is one of the most beautiful designs on the market.

After a quick look around at some of the details, it's onboard for a drive to experience the car and think more about it. The Roma offers a fairly unique proposition of a very sporty powertrain setup, while mixing it with a rather soft ride creating a very comfortable GT package. It's clearly a very different machine to other Ferraris; introduced to target a new audience that might wish to daily drive the Roma, emphasised by being the first model the brand have ever launched that initially did not feature the famous Scuderia shields on the front wings.

However, for a Shmeemobile, it's almost too good across the board as it is very much that ideal sports-GT daily driver. It slightly lacks the spark of the V12 super-GTs, although the price point and positioning of course reflects this. There's no denying that Ferrari have a very, very strong line-up of models at this time, and the Roma is really a leader in its segment, however perhaps it's just not quite right for the Shmeemobiles at this time.


Episode titleShould I Buy a FERRARI ROMA? 305km/h Autobahn Test Drive
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Date addedSeptember 28, 2021
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