RENNtech Upgrades for My SLS Black Series? Stock Dyno Run

Added on Jun 5, 2020

The Shmeemobiles


My SLS AMG Black Series will be getting some upgrades from RENNtech! Let's head out on the Autobahn to take it up and talk about exactly what it's going to be getting, while also putting the car on the dyno to see what power it makes right now and whether there are any losses from new.

After finishing up the visual modifications with the respray to Mystic Blue at Chartwell, full PPF from Topaz and silver wheels at Kerbsafe, next up was always to start talking about a visit to RENNtech. A few years ago my AMG GT R went through the stage 2 to the R760 package with new turbos and became a monster, so the temptation has always been there for the SLS Black Series as well.


Episode titleRENNtech Upgrades for My SLS Black Series? Stock Dyno Run
Episode number51
Date addedJune 5, 2020
Run time15:04
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