RENNtech Upgrade Time for My SLS AMG Black Series!

Added on Jul 20, 2020

The Shmeemobiles


It's time for the RENNtech upgrades to my SLS AMG Black Series! After ordering in the parts which were specially made, it's now time to get the car on the ramps and get started installing the new headers, sports-cats and the tune to transform it into the R1 Package. Things are about to get beastly...

Having previously been at RENNtech Europe for upgrades to both my AMG GT R and also AMG G63, the SLS Black Series has found its way to being the next Shmeemobile in line to receive the RENNtecht treatment. After departing from the Nurburgring area last week, the car has stayed with the team but now it's time for the work to begin carrying out the upgrade.

Arriving with my Ford GT is quite appropriate, as that car along with the SLS Black Series are very much my dream car garage, two Shmeemobiles which have both been personalised and made into exactly what I want from them. The GT featuring my personalised colour scheme, new BBS FI-R wheels, some interior upgrades and the Akrapovic exhaust, and now the SLS BS following a similar path with the paintwork, wheels and RENNtech package.

The R1 package itself consists of the headers along with 200-cell high-flow sports cats, with a tune to take power from 631hp to 675hp, although there's still some checks to be done as to why mine reported a lower output before. But it's not just a performance increase, it's going to be getting a whole lot louder and more aggressive, allowing the 6.2l NA V8 to have a thunderous sound.


Episode titleRENNtech Upgrade Time for My SLS AMG Black Series!
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