Racing the NEW 2020 Corvette C8 on Track!

Added on Feb 25, 2020

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This is what the new 2020 Corvette C8 was built for! Going mid-engined for the first time, the new car is chasing performance on the race track, so let's see how it stacks up at Spring Mountain.

After an earlier outing on the road, the track beckons to see what the car is like when pushed hard. One of the primary reasons to make the 8th generation Corvette mid-engined has been the belief that it would aid further performance. And that it does!

Powered by the 495bhp 6.2l V8 it manages to boast impressive performance, along with high levels of technology and high quality fit and finish, all for an entry start price of $60,000. Even when equipped with the Z51 package and higher trim levels at $80-90,000 it is still very much a performance bargain.

After a special opportunity to see some of the initial prototypes and development cars, let's head to the track to drive it in anger, plus experiment with launch control and a hot lap ride too.


Episode titleRacing the NEW 2020 Corvette C8 on Track!
Episode number6
Date addedFebruary 25, 2020
Run time18:28
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