OPUS Upgrades for My AMG GT Black Series! Stock Dyno Run

Added on Oct 22, 2021

The Shmeemobiles


My AMG GT Black Series is getting some serious power at OPUS! First up, we're putting it on the dyno for a stock reading, and quite the surprise at how much power it makes. We can take a look at the modifications going on, and a check-up with the SLS BS and C63 BS too!

After finishing the visual modifications with the respray to Solarbeam at Chartwell, and now getting 3,000km on the clock with the Black Series tour and drive across France and Germany, now it's time to get some noise out of this car. It goes without saying, the stock GT Black Series is desperately quiet, disappointingly so in fact, however the team at Opus know exactly how to fix that.

The plan is to get a new system installed for the downpipes and link pipe, still with sports cats but to inject a bit more sound and with it will come some more power too. However, the biggest surprise is to see quite how much it makes from stock; well over the claimed figures. In fact on the dyno run, with ideal conditions, my GT Black Series records 775hp and 885Nm; 45hp and 85Nm above the manufacturer claimed numbers.

While there, we also have the opportunity to check up on both the SLS AMG Black Series and C63 AMG Black Series too, to ensure all is running well and dig into any of the issues that might be cropping up. After doing so, we decide to leave the SLS BS in Germany for the time being to have some thermal issues investigated.


Episode titleOPUS Upgrades for My AMG GT Black Series! Stock Dyno Run
Episode number1
Date addedOctober 22, 2021
Original dateOctober 21, 2021
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