New Porsche Turbo S! 300km/h Flat Out Test Drive

Added on Jul 9, 2020

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The new Porsche 911 Turbo S has a reputation to live up to! It's time for a test drive in the latest 992 generation of the daily super-sports car including a flat out blast on the de-restricted German Autobahn and demonstration of the ferocious Launch Control at the Porsche Experience Centre Hockenheimring. There is no question, this car is fast! Boasting 650hp and 800nm from the 3.8l twin turbo flat-6 which hooks up through all 4 wheels via the 8 speed PDK dual clutch gearbox, this car is fast. The 992 Turbo S claims 0-100km/h (62mph) in just 2.7 seconds but there is no doubt it is faster (measured at approx 2.5s in this video) and on to a top speed of 330km/h (205mph). What is does so uniquely is offer an uneventful daily driver experience, like a VW Golf, with no drama, no noise, no stress, just pure ease when it goes about business. On the other hand, out on the Autobahn in Sport Plus mode, a kickdown of the throttle pedal is greeted with instant response to a lower gear before the rear squats down and the numbers on the dashboard increase at an alarming rate. On the move punch is extreme, and 300km/h (186mph) arrives on the dashboard before you know it. Back to base at the Porsche Experience Centre Hockenheimring and an open straight to test the launch control is a perfect demonstration of grip, software and power combining for a brutal feeling of acceleration. It's not dramatic or exciting in the slightest, but it's not supposed to be, the 911 Turbo S has always been a stupidly fast daily driver, and the latest generation continues to follow the formula with great success.


Episode titleNew Porsche Turbo S! 300km/h Flat Out Test Drive
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Date addedJuly 9, 2020
Original dateJune 21, 2020
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