New NOVITEC SENNA! The Sound of This is CRAZY

Added on Aug 6, 2020

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Novitec have made the McLaren Senna sound as crazy as it looks! This Ultimate Series McLaren is fitted with the new RACE GTR exhaust system, along with a power boost to over 900 horsepower and new wheels, and it truly comes to life in a way that the stock Senna cannot manage. Let's experience a ride onboard as well as checking out Novitec's McLaren GT, to enjoy the sound!

The McLaren Senna is of course the ultimate road-supercar for the track, with a 4 litre twin turbo V8 making 800hp and 800Nm as standard. Novitec have then dusted a sprinkling of their magic and it now produces 902hp and 888Nm, up 102hp and 88Nm from stock, along with an unbelievable sound from the RACE GTR exhaust system, and sitting on their MC3 forged wheels, centre-lock 20" front and 21" rear.

The complete RACE GTR exhaust system is inconel and completely heat-protected, with catalyst-replacement pipes, and it goes without saying that it sounds awesome. With a cold start to get things going in the showroom, let's get it outside before getting onboard for a ride to experience some of the shift cracks and tunnel sounds.

Novitec have also just introduced their package for the McLaren GT, making a totally different sound despite being based on the same engine. This time around power is up to 707hp and 714Nm (from 620hp and 620Nm, +87hp and +94Nm) via the Novitec N-TRONIC module, along with the RACE exhaust, MC3 wheels, and visible carbon fibre aerodynamic package, while also sitting 25mm lower with new springs.


Episode titleNew NOVITEC SENNA! The Sound of This is CRAZY
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