My SLS Black Series is a RENNtech BEAST!

Added on Jul 31, 2020

The Shmeemobiles


My SLS AMG Black Series has been transformed by RENNtech and it's now an absolute beast! Straight from the installation of the full R1 Package, it's immediately onto the Nürburgring Nordschleife for some laps to feel the power, and experience the sound. There is no question, this car is epic!

After visiting RENNtech Europe a few days prior as the work was being started, this time it's back to the workshop at the Nürburgring to collect the car and hear it for the first time. The R1 package has been fitted which consists of the headers along with 200-cell high-flow sports cats, with a tune to take power from 631hp to 675hp, although there's still some checks to be done as to why mine reported a lower output before. But it's not just a performance increase, it's going to be getting a whole lot louder and more aggressive, allowing the 6.2l NA V8 to have a thunderous sound.

With a cold start in the workshop to kick it into action, there is no doubt that the new sound is brutal, but that becomes even more apparent upon a drive on the local roads. Taking it to the Green Hell for some laps is a whole different ball game, a noticeable pickup in power, but the sound, oh THE SOUND!


Episode titleMy SLS Black Series is a RENNtech BEAST!
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Date addedJuly 31, 2020
Original dateJuly 23, 2020
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