MY NEW PROJECT CAR! Toyota GR Yaris Collection Day

Added on Dec 6, 2020

The Shmeemobiles


The Toyota GR Yaris is my new project Shmeemobile! The plans for this hot hatch are big, but first up join me to head to the Toyota dealership to collect the rally homologation special, one of the most hyped cars right now for a reason, and bring it back home to the garage. While not intentionally directly coming as a replacement, the GR Yaris arrives shortly after the recent departure of my project Ford Focus RS Red Edition and I have some really big plans already to work on this. Toyota have introduced the car very much to meet the demands of car nuts and with the Circuit Pack spec, it comes with a set up very much for track out of the box. Setting off from the garage, we're taking the latest arrival, my Taycan Turbo S to get over the Currie Motors Toyota Kingston to collect the new stablemate. Both have arrived as surprises to the garage, and both are quite polar opposite cars! The GR Yaris is in Pearlescent White with the Circuit Pack, and that is the extent of the options list available for the car itself. The spec level is very high to begin with, including the 18" BBS wheels, Brembo brakes, Torsen LSD, and a high level of technology like adaptive cruise control, keyless entry and more. Up front sits a 1.6l 3-pot making 257hp and with a manual gearbox the power goes to a variable 4WD system that can be 50:50 or a 70:30 split with bias towards the rear. The plans from here will be fun; from stripping out the rear seats and replacing with a cage, to giving it a touch more power, new exhaust, a livery and more to come. I hope you like the choice of the Toyota GR Yaris! Thanks for watching, Tim


Episode titleMY NEW PROJECT CAR! Toyota GR Yaris Collection Day
Episode number1
Date addedDecember 6, 2020
Original dateDecember 5, 2020
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