My GT8's FIRST EVER Engine Start! [Road to GT8 Episode 07]

Added on Dec 20, 2016

The Shmeemobiles


It's time to bring the Aston Martin Vantage GT8 to life with the very first startup of the V8 at the end of the production line! Having followed the car through the build, from the body shell being painted Cobalt Blue and then earlier stages of the production line during the marriage and final trim stages; this is time for it to roll on its own wheels and travel through geometry, rolling road and outdoors for some road testing. I cannot thank Aston Martin enough for this fantastic opportunity to be able to bring you the look behind the scenes at the build process of my Vantage GT8. On both a personal level with the storyline for my own car and also the content I'm able to bring to you guys, it's absolutely wonderful.


Episode titleMy GT8's FIRST EVER Engine Start! [Road to GT8 Episode 07]
Episode number47
Date addedDecember 20, 2016
Run time14:11
CategoryFeature magazine


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