My Friend Bought a FERRARI PISTA for the Nurburgring!

Added on Jul 9, 2020

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My friend Robert bought his Ferrari 488 Pista as a tool to run at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, and nearly all of it's 4,000kms have been doing laps on the Green Hell! For the first time though, he's jumping into the passenger seat and letting me take the wheel for a drive to see what Ferrari's track supercar is like on the famous loop. The Pista is the track variant of the Ferrari 488 GTB, taking the 3.9l TT V8's power up to 720hp and 770nm, along with more downforce thanks to the s-duct up front and an integrated spoiler at the rear amongst others. This particular car is finished in Grigio Silverstone with Giallo Modena stripes and has an odo of 4,300km, including around 150 laps driving on the Nürburgring itself. During Touristenfahrten (Tourist Drives), the Nordschleife is open as a public toll road, meaning normal road rules apply, and of course being extra careful considering I'm behind the wheel of my friend's very valuable supercar! However, it's more than enough to give a feel for the sheer amount of power available and performance that the Pista offers, even more so when we swap around and Robert takes lap 2.


Episode titleMy Friend Bought a FERRARI PISTA for the Nurburgring!
Episode number11
Date addedJuly 9, 2020
Original dateJuly 5, 2020
Run time21:09
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