My First Drive in the Maserati MC12 - What a Legend!

Added on Jun 22, 2020

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The Maserati MC12 is a legend, and a very rare one at that too as officially only 50 of the standard road cars were ever built. Sharing a platform and engine with the Ferrari Enzo it's a big, bad V12 monster with the added bonus of a removable roof and presence on the road that cannot be compared with anything else.

During a day with Greg, he very kindly threw the keys my way and offered me the opportunity to go for a drive in what can only be a described as a unicorn car - this is one I never thought I could even dream to put 'on my list', let alone actually experience!

Without being too technical because time was short and the car is excruciatingly valuable, what a behemoth of a machine it is. Armed with a bypass valve for as much noise as you could imagine, the intake above your head sucking air through to the engine and an amount of drama on the road that's virtually incomparable, this was certainly one of the experiences of my lifetime.

When we returned, we take a quick look at the LaFerrari's electric mode, and the Mercedes 6x6's self-inflating tyre system. Boys and their toys...


Episode titleMy First Drive in the Maserati MC12 - What a Legend!
Episode number4
Date addedJune 22, 2020
Original dateSeptember 25, 2016
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